Medicare can be a bit complicated for Our non English speaking Seniors.

                                          An Important Note

to Medicare qualifying Individuals

It is evident that some Seniors in the Latino community still find some complication in the subject of Medicare .

 Annual Open Enrollment Period from October 15 to December 7th is an event when seniors can change their plan,

United Health Care Producers and Mifra Properties and Insurance Services in their affiliation, feel there is a need for more Spanish Speaking Community Meetings in the San Fernando Valley to help improve awareness of the benefits available for Seniors as well as for disabled persons of all ages, like keeping their own doctor, clinic, hospitals, and at $0. cost in most plans.

Medicare pays only 80% of medical cost, the other 20%t is paid by the patient

Our goal is to Inform on the basics of Medicare:

  • Medicare, how it works alone

  • Medicare with a private insurance plan

  • Medicare, Medical and a Private plan

  • Medicare and Medical

  • RX/ Prescription Drugs

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