10 Important Deductible Expenses - For Freelancers

  • All Marketing and Promotion on shows and presentations.
  • Booth design expenses, all fees to set up and remove, parking, permits, materials.
  • Staying at a hotel? Hotel expenses are deductible when used for business.
  • Promotional gifts to clients, suppliers, contractors etc.
  • Travel and transportation, plane tickets, car car rental, entertainment and research.
  • Meals to crew, assistants, clients and business meetings, purchased b you.
  • Camp, conventions, seminars, cable and internet for webinars and research.
  • Home office space used for business, rent, mortgage, utilities and keep up.
  • Work equipment and supplies, software, camera, computer, phone, fax, paper and ink, accessories and repairs.
  • Mileage or  Auto expenses.